Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Life Through a New Lens!

The Watchful Eye

So a few weeks ago I got my tax return and like most people, I already knew what to buy with it.  I had my sights on a 70-300 mm zoom lens for my camera.  Honestly I don't exactly understand what the millimeter length means when it comes to the camera lens industry, but I do know that 300 mm is zoomed in further than my 200 mm lens, and really what else is there to know?  While the purchase of this gadget was planned, the sting of the payment (over 600 dollars, yikes!) still stung.  As I walked out of the store I was happy with my new toy, but I was super worried I could have used the money better elsewhere.  When I got home I snapped some pictures to see the difference between lenses and I was blown away at how cool it was.  Awesome buy!  But I wanted to try it out for its true purpose, wildlife photography...

Two days later I decided to take a nice Sunday afternoon drive and see what I could rustle up out in the bush.  A co-worker had told me of a place where he'd seen many hawks and even a few eagles, and I thought this would be the perfect test for the lens.  As I drove to this area I knew my chances of actually seeing an eagle were rather slim, but I kept a little hope that I may get lucky.  Once at the road he'd spoken of, I slowed down to a crawl and kept my eyes peeled for anything interesting.  Within minutes I came across this guy and went nuts!  I took a little time to ease up closer, trying to gain some trust between the two of us.  He responded rather well by letting me get almost to the base of the tree.  Eventually I pushed my luck too much and he flew a few trees away.  I'd gotten what I came for so I decided not to bother him anymore.  The lens had proven it's worth to me within two days, and I was ecstatic!

This was the first of two bald eagles I was able to see this day, which just so happened to be the first two I'd ever seen in the wild.  I was amazed at how big, pristine and graceful they are in their natural element.  The eagle has been revered in multiple Native American cultures for centuries as a symbol of abundance, fertility, strength, with thunderous wingbeats and eyes invigorated by the sun. I'm so happy to have finally glimpsed this bird in the wild, and I'm glad I was able to share a small connection with it.  While I was edging closed we never took our eyes off each other, there was an understanding between us, two creatures both curious about the other.  I hope to have many more moments similar to this one in the future!

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  1. AWESOME shots man! I love eagles. That's an awesome site.