Sunday, March 9, 2014

Concert Photography With Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

     This Weekend I was asked by Project SLC to shoot the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. concert at The State Room.  Their sound was entirely different than anything I'm used to, granted I'm not a huge music person, but I thought it was awesome!  I'm definitely going to continue to follow these guys and see them when they come back to town.  Chad Valley opened for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and he was really cool too.  He's from London and it's awesome seeing someone go international with their work!  Maybe one day I'll go photograph him at his home venue! 
    Don't forget to check out my new site, as this blog will soon be phased out, plus the pictures look amazing on the official site!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Awesome New Website!

     This week I claimed as my own.  I've decided this whole isn't cool for a guy who would like to view himself as a professional and the site name was available, so I took it!
     For now I'm still going to update this blog as well as my professional blog until I can make everyone aware of the clean, elegant look awaiting them on paulcarterimages.  So if you could be so kind as to take a look at the high quality shots I'm rocking on the site, you'll really help me out.  Thanks friends and fans!  Oh and in case you forgot the name of my site, it's  Got it?  Of course you do!

Oh by the way, other photographers and artistic professionals looking to show off your work, check out  They have great templates that are easy to use and don't have distracting backgrounds.  They also let you choose your own domain name so you can nix that and make everything about your online life a little more simple!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Summer Goals: Hike More, See More!

Utah has been awesomely warm the last couple of weeks and it has been perfect for getting back in shape for the summer.  During the few hikes I took throughout the winter I would end up with knee pain that would keep me benched the next day and I suspected it was just a case of not enough exercise.  So with that in mind I took three quick hikes last week and the knee is fabulous!  During these hikes I decided to take a few pictures, because that's what I do.  I came up with one really cool photo from my favorite hike and I'm gonna be sharing this one with the whole community, but I'll start by sharing it on my blog.  I dedicate this to the patriotic people of America.

American Flag Great Salt Lake Sunset

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Antelope Island Adventures

Cabin fever has finally set in this winter so the last two weekends I've made it a goal to get out and see some wildlife.  The first weekend I headed out to Antelope Island State Park to do some exploring.  I had so much fun that I went to the park again the following weekend.  I definitely saw more than I photographed, but here are a few of the pictures I really like.

Deer Buck Antelope Island State Park
Week one, buck.  Notice the snow

Fielding Garr Ranch Antelope Island State Park
An old row boat and I found at the ranch house
Bison Buffalo Antelope Island State Park
Bison looking up after a drink.  The second week was much warmer

Bison Buffalo Antelope Island State Park
Bison in a watering hole, bulls were everywhere!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

We Are One BMX Shoot

Right around the new year I got in contact with AJ Alviso, a BMX rider from some of my other posts.  I had an idea for a shoot and he wanted more photos so it worked out great!  We headed to We Are One skatepark in Midvale because it's indoor and perfect for winter riding.  This was my first shoot with the Sunpak 622 lights as well as my brand new Pocket Wizard wireless flash system and everything worked out perfectly.  I wrapped LED lights around AJ's bike frame and planned a slow shutter speed, plus a few other shots.  It took a while to get everything set up and I actually had to solder some electrical wires on site but the result was pretty awesome!





Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Bull Rampage

Southern Utah is an amazing backdrop for just about any event, especially anything action packed.  If there is one contest that could be considered the epitome of action packed, it's Red Bull Rampage.  So every year the energy drink company credited with truly pushing the limits of mankind brings the best mountain bike riders in the world to a site just outside Zion National Park to see what happens.  The beauty of Rampage is that riders design their own course down the mountain.  Even on the qualifying day there are diggers out building new jumps to add to a riders' line.  The result is some of the most technical trails in the world, with two chances to impress the judges more than any other rider.  I was in awe of what was happening around me...

Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage
Kelly McGarry

Garett Buehler Red Bull Rampage
Garett Buehler

Pierre Edouard Ferry Red Bull Rampage Utah
Pierre Edouard Ferry

Nico Vink Red Bull Rampage Utah
Nico Vink

Andreu Lacondeguy Red Bull Rampage Utah
Andreu Lacondeguy

Will White Red Bull Rampage Utah
Will White

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wakeboarding, What Were We Thinking?

     This past summer was one to remember, I feel like my photography skill took a giant leap forward and I had a chance to figure out what direction I'd like to take my photography professionally.  I shot a lot of BMX, rock climbing, and wakeboarding,  especially wakeboarding!  My roommate has a boat in his family and his goal was to go twice a week all summer (which I think he achieved.)  I couldn't attend every trip because I work during the day, but I was able to make it out on the water more than expected.  The boarding was a blast, and the pictures were alright, but I was soon completely bored with getting shots from the boat.  I might be nuts, but I had to get a better angle and my solution was to get closer to the rider.  I'm not talking about simply zooming in on the rider, I'm talking about getting so close I risked getting sprayed as they jumped next to me.  It was kinda crazy, and my camera did get wet (soaked, some might say...) but the pictures were so much more interesting!  Once we tried this idea we had to run with it, we soon were experimenting with harder shots and it continually paid off.  So the secret is that we ran a tube out to the rider and I sat in it, snapping away until the rider would warn me about waves ahead.  I'd tuck my camera away and weather the blows, hoping I didn't bounce out.  In the end we had a blast, I had a blast, and we got what we were looking for.  I've already got bigger plans for next summer and I'm excited to see what we come up with.  That's the fun part of photography for me, visualizing a shot but not knowing how you're going to get it.  With a little trial and error it's all possible!  

Wakeboard Backroll
This is how the season started out, cool trick, not a cool shot
45mm f5 1/800sec 200 ISO
Wakeboard Tantrum
Get closer and there it is,  no distractions in the shot, and the lower perspective gets them higher off the water
15mm f6.3 1/500sec 640 ISO
Wakeboard Raley
Up close and personal
35mm f4.5 1/500sec 1000 ISO
Wakeboard Air
Did I mention it looks like they're higher?  Okay he really is higher!
25mm f8 1/320sec 100 ISO

Wakeboard Grab
We unhooked the tube from the boat and they drove past me.
 Slightly illegal, but we were the only people on the lake...
65mm f5.3 1/400sec 100 ISO