Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marriage Mayhem

On the ninth of June, Tim got married.  For this joyous occasion I was asked to be a groomsman, which I gladly accepted, knowing that Jake and Dylan would be joining me in the festivities.  The day came and we gathered at the Salt Lake temple to see Tim and Tay emerge as husband and wife, destined to drive each other insane.  A picture was taken, then a few more, and eventually we made our way to a luncheon in their honor.  The reception wouldn't be taking place till the next day, so that was the end of our fun for the afternoon, but we had a few plans to take care of before Friday...

So then came friday, the weekend, a time for devious wedding pranks, good food, and more pictures.  Jake and I went to the mall during lunch to find some new ties for the groomsmen.  Specifically fish ties, more specifically a nice king salmon.  Unfortunately we weren't able to find any, so instead we chose some wonderfully horrific slim neon green ties with black stripes, perfect!  Phase one ready to execute!

Next came helping to set up the reception.  I didn't get there till most of the stuff was ready to go, but I helped a little, then Tim and the rest of the group went off the change into their formal wear, and us groomsmen got our chance to begin phase two.  We quickly ran off to the store to stock up on Oreos, toilet paper, Saran Wrap, jelly donuts, and window paint.  Let the games begin!

The reception started and we walked in sporting our new ties.  Tim gave us a rather odd look, but he didn't make us take them off (good thing, as we'd burned our others!)  We celebrated our success by taking more pictures with the photographer, that's just how sneaky we are!  Next came the trashing of the truck!
Jake, Dylan, Brandon, Ben and myself, thinking outside the box
Like any good group of groomsmen, we were up to the task at hand, and more than excited to perform.  we gathered around and began to unleash mayhem!  Soon the truck had turned into a marriage-mobile!  We stood back and admired our handiwork, then returned to the party, in a single file, totally non-conspicuous line.  No one suspected a thing, except of course, Tim's mom,  NOTHING gets past her...

Tim and Tay stayed for a few more hours and then went out to be greeted by our surprise.  At this time we also had a little pyrotechnic display to send it over the top.  Mission accomplished!

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