Monday, October 17, 2011

The Boating Season

A few summers ago my grandparents sold their boat, leaving me with no options for getting out and slashing the wake...  But this summer I weaseled my way onto a new boat and soon made a good enough impression to continually receive an invite.  These are a few pictures of the friends and myself getting a little water logged!  There are mostly pictures of me, this is because I've never had any good pictures of me on a wakeboard,  Thank you to Alisha Weiss for getting the shots of me!

Dick Baldwin, owner and captain

Alisha got up for her first time!

Jess figured it out too

Check out that form

I love this shot

There goes Jess

We even got brother Baldwin out there!

Madison Wood, Jeff Treft and Maren Nilsen (now it's Treft!)

Show off...
Hopefully next year I can get out on the lake a few more times and really start to improve my skills,  Until then, I'll live up the snowboarding season!

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