Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Day at the Races

A few days after photographing the Ferrari I got the chance to head out to Rocky Mountain Raceway and check out the races.  A great friend of mine, Dave Smith, who is also the guy that went with me to Antelope Island, used to race his 442 out on the track in NHRA events.  Now he doesn't race, but his family and friends still compete so he goes out pretty often to help them on the line.  This day he called me and offered me two free tickets to go see what drag racing was all about, so of course I grabbed my camera and jumped at the chance!  It was a blast being able to see the power of those cars and I had a great time hanging around a few of the drivers.  Check out some of the shots!

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The 'Mater jet car, so fast!
throwing out some heat!

The Grave Digger!

Ed Jones and the Jelly Belly Stage Coach

If one jet engine wasn't enough, try sitting in front of two...
So the one thing I'm going to remember for next time, ear plugs!  My ears were ringing for hours afterwards.  I couldn't believe how fast some of these cars went down the track!  Next time I think I'm gonna try to get right down on the starting line and take some real pictures.  Dave deserves a huge shout out for hooking me up with the seats!

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