Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Life Through a Lens

So I've decided that occasionally I'm gonna post a picture I enjoyed taking.  Some of these photos aren't necessarily anything great, many are candid and in most cases I didn't know what to expect from the shot.  Luckily once they were taken I had something I liked, and now I'm gonna tell you about them!

                        Making a Splash

This was taken on my first trip to Montana.  We were just leaving and this was our goodbye to big sky.  It was Memorial Day weekend and Tim had invited me to his neck of the woods and I wasn't gonna pass up the chance.  It Rained most of the way up and about an hour away from his ranch it turned into snow.  Soon we found ourselves in a blizzard with so much snow coming down that it felt like we weren't even moving.  Luckily we made it to the ranch (well after midnight) and I met the family pup, and then his parents.  Pretty soon I was laying in the most comfortable guest bed I've ever slept in. Vacation was already great.

The next day I got a dose of work and then a whole lot of play.  It felt amazing to be in the wild and I couldn't believe how clean everything was.  Litter was non existent, same with smog, and the water was unpolluted.  I also met Dylan that weekend and the three of us took a little camping trip. I saw my first great grey owl and built my first lean-to.  The experience was incredible and I can't believe how much it changed me in such a short time.

This picture captures the tone of my whole summer.  The chaos began right here, and didn't let up till september.  Tim and I had so many weekends of insanity, followed by weeknights of endless fun.  We'd pack up and go camping after dark, only to wake up and be home just as the sun came up to cook dutch oven breakfasts for our friends, followed by more hiking that afternoon.  We filled hundreds of water balloons just to throw them out within five minutes.  We slept under tarps in a downpour and we floored it through plenty of puddles!

This summer will be different. Tim is getting married, and I'm sure my life will take other paths, but we'll still have our fun.  The camping trips will continue and barbecues are a must.  Even if we don't get as much in, I know we'll charge it just like we did in this picture.  My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

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  1. The picture is sweet! Snowy mountains, green terrain, and INSANE splashing. a river runs through it. HA