Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shredding the Pow!

On Tuesday night I got a text from my good friend, Matt Keeler, asking me if I'd be up for a night sesh at Powder Mountain.  I don't get to see Matt too often now that he's living in Orem (Yuck!!) so I wasn't about to say no.  You know how everyone has that friend that is on the same playing field as yourself, the one that doesn't blow you away in the amazing department, yet you don't surpass them either?  Well Matt is that friend, and we push each other just enough to always progress when we ride, plus when we point out some jump or line we wanna hit, we understand each other.  It's the perfect setup for both of us.  Anyway...

View from the top

Matt had the day off and decided to go up all day, while my plan was to work and then go up that night. I got there right about five and Matt found me right as I was buying my pass.  We went up the hill and I took my first run on my new (Glow in the dark!) board.  After a quick binding adjustment before the second run, I was dialed in and riding great the rest of the night, catching some crazy air off a little natty kicker and stomping most of the landings.  The park setup was completely new from years past, and they had this jump that kept taunting us, so we hit it!  The last run of the night we were worried we wouldn't have enough time to go back up the lift, so we hiked the park one last time, then headed down to the parking lot right as the floodlights turned off.  

Matt is KEELING it! Hehe


I keep dreaming about this jump, it will be mine!

It was the perfect night to be boarding.  I'm so glad I got a chance to go up with Matt and I'm hoping we can go up again next week.  If not, at least we'll still have our end of season tailgate party!

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