Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jackalope Brothers Trailers

My good buddy (and roommate) Tim and his brother Jake, have begun to build teardrop camping trailers.  They have giant plans for the business and they've been nice enough to bring me in on the process.  Thanks to their awesome negotiating skills, they were able to secure a spot to show off their trailers at the Sportsmans Expo going on this weekend.  So today Tim and I, along with Brandon Clayton, took the trailer down to the South Towne Expo Center, and got it all set up.  We cleaned it up and made it look great, so great that other venders were coming over to check it out.  Here are the pictures of  our space at the expo.

These guys are creating some awesome trailers, that are completely custom and totally different from anything else on the market.  We're pretty proud of the product, and we're excited to see what other styles we can come up with.  The fact that we've already turned heads from other guys in the industry is huge!  If you'd like to check them out, feel free to visit the expo this weekend and tell us what you think!  And If you want one, (which you will!!!) You can contact Jake Olsen at:

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