Monday, March 28, 2011

My Life Through a lens #4

Pillars in the Night

What do you do when you're on a trip with a huge group of people and all of a sudden you get a case of unsocialitis?  You take a hike!  This is exactly what happened to me right here.  Realistically my hike was only like 200 feet, more of a mosey, but it still did the trick.

This was my first time visiting Moab.  I was with my singles ward and I had a blast, but I'm a single child (a.k.a. spoiled!!!!!!) and at some point in every ward trip I need some alone time.  So on this night I grabbed my camera and walked away from it all, a man apart from the world, conquering the unknown darkness before me in epic style (yeah right...)  So there I was, wandering along, staring at the stars in a cloudless sky, loving the moment, and snapping some photos. I'd only had my camera for two months at this point and I was still trying to get all the cool features figured out.  I hadn't done any experimentation with night photography so I was messing around with anything I could find.  

When I ended up taking this picture it looked ridiculous on the camera, but I'd made a promise with myself to never delete a photo that had any possibility till I could see it on my computer, so I saved it.  Once I got home and took a second look, I saw something I liked in it.  The poles seem to rise up out of nothing, and there is a pattern that I enjoy.

  I now realize that the night makes any regular object completely different.  Honestly, I'm scared of the dark, not city dark, but the wild moonless dark.  Everything transforms and the world becomes a menacing place,  even the sounds of the night make you feel unwelcome.  But those willing to brave the darkness always come back with great stories,  This isn't one of them, but it started my pursuit of those stories, and now I have whole journals about the subject, and I know I have more to come, BRING IT!


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