Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name Change

I've begun attending a new singles ward with Jeff, and today they received my records.  Not wanting to be one of those people that isn't there when their records are read, I was determined to be present.  Well this morning I woke up in St. George, a little over four hours from home, but church wasn't till 2:00, so I had time.  Around 8:30 in the morning, my mom and I rolled out of town, heading for the Wasatch front.  We made great time all the way up until Payson.  Since the beginning of this year I've referred to this area of Utah as crappy valley, and I meant it, but after today I'll never think of it any other way.  The construction went on forever!  I was stuck going under fifty-five for mile after mile,  slowly losing hope that I'd get home in time to get ready and make it to church on time, let alone before they introduced me to the congregation...

Luckily I did make it through the construction, just seconds before suffocating, and also made it to church twenty minutes before it started.  I made sure to tell the bishopric about my epic journey to get there on time, and they seemed to enjoy the story (which was greatly embellished.)  The time came to read my records, I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to stand up, ready to flash a giant smile to all of my peers.  The words came, Paul Curtis.  Paul Curtis? Paul Curtis! Who is Paul Curtis?  I remained seated for a few moments while they read a few other records, just to see if by chance there really was a Paul Curtis entering the ward.  As it turns out, my name was never read...  I immediately stood up and calling from the back of the chapel, corrected Brother Wood, who was conducting, telling him my name is Paul Carter.  He noted the correction, everyone had a good laugh, I was welcomed, and then sat down.  

For a few minutes I wondered if I had made a bad decision about voicing my name.  I worried that maybe interrupting had produced negative attention towards me.  Then I realized it was my name and I wanted it known!  I'm not Paul Curtis, I'm Paul Carter,  and that's that.  If anyone had considered me rude, so what, that's their problem.  

Well after the meeting I approached Brother Wood and gave him some guff about the mistake, how could I not?  Then something I totally didn't expect happened.  Two girls came up and wanted to know more about me!  These two girls were very very much out of my league, but yet I continued on a conversation with both.  We had a good chat and I moved on. It was a bit quick to make a move, but next time for sure! 

So why did I tell you this story?  Because I've figured out the secret to getting noticed!  All the girls I've ever taken interest in were just like these girls, as in b-e-a-utiful!  But it takes me ages to build up a friendship far enough to ask them out, but this was almost immediate, and it was awwwwwesome.  So from now on, I'm going in loud enough to be seen, but chill enough to be approachable.  Now if I can just figure out how to get to that second date...


  1. No girl is out of your league, bro. Take that from a guy who married a girl out of his league. Props for standing up. tB

  2. Haha, pretty much every guy ends up marrying a girl out of his league