Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Life Through a Lens #5

Sailors Delight

This picture doesn't require much of an explanation to understand why it's one of my favorites.  But why would I take the time to post it without telling my thoughts?  Have you ever looked at a situation and couldn't help but think that God had set the whole thing up specifically for you?  This was one of those moments...

Okay so this was the last night my mom and I were in San Francisco.  The whole time we'd been there it was overcast, but finally the sun came out and gave us an awesome sunset.  After enjoying an amazing shrimp alfredo a few blocks away, I wanted to head down to the water and get every last minute I could in an absolute perfect moment.  As the sun started going down, the whole sky truly became a canvas.  The light, wispy clouds reflected some beautiful colors that changed with each second.  I can't tell you how many pictures I took, but I do know that I kept thinking I should have brought another battery.  

Eventually I turned my eyes toward the Golden Gate and saw a low fog.  It was still over the bridge, but it seemed to be descending.  I took a few pictures and then waited for it to get lower.  Sure enough, it got down right where I wanted it, and the real photo shoot began!  It took me a minute to stop staring and actually take a picture, I was completely awe struck.  The whole thing was just too perfect to believe, if it hadn't smelled like fish I would've thought I was in a dream.

So I got the shot and gazed across the bay until dusk.  We went to Ghiradelli Square and got one last dessert, wandered to a few other places, and called it a day.  The perfect end to remember the trip.  Not only that, but Christmas was just around the corner, and I couldn't think of a better gift for mom.  So now this is framed and hanging in her living room, it looks great!

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