Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

This year for spring break, my mom wanted to go to St. George.  I'm not the biggest fan of the city so I was a bit apprehensive about going.  Finally I told her that I'd go, but only if she'd let me go to Zion's National park for a day and explore some of my favorite trails.  I've never been there in April and I was interested in seeing what the conditions were like this time of year.  I was also hoping to maybe spot a few rarely seen animals, and was thinking the slower hiking season would be my best chance in finding them.  Well I didn't really see any animals that I was interested in, in fact I found less than usual...  But the hiking was excellent!  We were just ahead of a storm system, so it was windy, which dropped the temperature, but we only got a sprinkle of rain, unlike the next two days, when it rained (and snowed) non-stop.  Anywho, The waterfalls looked great, the foot traffic was at a minimum,  and I got some good pictures.  I even got my mom to hike for over five hours, to some pretty gnarly spots, like scouts lookout, The safer part of angels landing!  

Lower Emerald Pools

Lower Pools from above

Upper Pools, with the wind interfering

Mangy little deer, they were everywhere!
The rest of the trip went pretty quickly.  We hung out with my grandparents for two days, and then headed home.  Maybe next year I'll see those animals...

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